A new Xbox Series X restock took place this afternoon at the Best Buy storefront. In recent months, the Xbox Series X has arguably been the most difficult next-gen console for customers to buy, in large part due to supply constraints. And while some may have bought the latest Xbox in today’s restock, it looks like a lot of buyers were left behind just before Christmas.

Overall, the biggest issue that kept a lot of people from getting an Xbox Series X today seemed to be with the Best Buy website. As we’ve seen in the past, the Best Buy site doesn’t seem to be made for a large group of people trying to buy one product at a time. While some were able to easily complete the purchase process, others encountered endless loops asking for their verification on the Xbox Series X page.

Ultimately, the Xbox Series X ended up selling out within minutes, which means you had to be quick (and lucky) if you wanted to get one. It remains to be seen if these replenishments will work better in 2022, but so far nothing that we’ve been through should give much hope that things will change soon.

Have you tried getting an Xbox Series X today in this new replenishment at Best Buy? What has been your own shopping experience? Let me know either in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @ Mooreman12.

Also, be sure to keep reading below if you want to see the reactions some Xbox fans have had today with the system lawsuit.

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