Workday Adaptive Planning is the next generation of business planning and analysis software. Designed for today’s changing world, this powerful cloud platform helps finance teams plan, model, budget, and forecast so their organizations can make better decisions, faster.

Organizations of all sizes trust Workday Adaptive Planning to enable their finance teams to collaborate with leaders, lines of business, managers and staff so that the company’s forecast and budget more accurately reflects conditions current commercials.

Everyone can agree that financial data is some of the most valuable data a business works with. This is the data that tells you if you are going to exceed forecasts, if you will be able to meet the payroll, if this new initiative is paying off and if your expenses are being managed appropriately.

However, as important as this data is to your business, it is by no means your only important business data. Data from marketing, sales, operations and other services can serve as leading indicators of your financial data, letting you know whether you are going to see an increase or a decrease in results so that you can adjust your forecasts and budgets. appropriate way.

Discover the integration of Domo Workday Adaptive Planning

With the integration of Domo Workday Adaptive Planning, you can easily combine your financial data with the rest of your business, customer and operational data for a deeper and richer understanding of your business performance.

Workday Adaptive Planning lets you move away from static spreadsheets for a continuous, comprehensive, and collaborative planning process.

This connector is primarily used by financial services to improve financial forecasting and actuals. Common connectors that Domo customers use with the Workday Adaptive Planning connector include Google Sheets, Salesforce, SAP Fieldglass, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Box.

Not only will you be able to track the “what” of your results in near real time, but you will also be able to understand the “why” that determines how well your results are performing.

With this data, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on everything from where to invest and reduce expenses to workforce planning and property management.

The Domo Workday Adaptive Planning Connector (née Adaptive Insights Connector) is one of more than 1,000 prebuilt integrations that let you easily connect data from the world’s most popular business platforms.

The connector transfers data from Workday Adaptive Planning sheets, dimensions, accounts and more into Domo so you can easily combine and compare it with other data sources, with no coding required.

With this connector, your business users can easily follow your company’s financial forecast and how they’ve been tracking actual data.

In addition, they will be able to combine your financial data with marketing, sales, operations, logistics, labor and other data to understand the cause and effect of your day-to-day operations on your financial performance.

Users in your business will also be able to easily access important financial data such as revenue, profit and loss (P&L), sales, forecasts and more on their mobile device so they can make more informed decisions when meetings, client visits or work from home.

Alerts can be configured in Domo to send messages to users when key business metrics change, preventing a potential financial problem from turning into a major business disaster.

Users can easily combine financial data from Workday Adaptive Planning to create custom reports for business managers to help them answer business questions, make accurate predictions about future performance, and model potential scenarios.

To download the Domo Workday adaptive scheduling connector from the Domo Appstore, click here. For more details on implementing and using the connector, see this article in our Knowledge Base.