Tribune press service

Rohtak, May 22

Groups of underprivileged children, who are associated with different charity schools in Rohtak, are committed to serving Covid patients, organizing and distributing rations to the needy and raising awareness about the pandemic.

These children come from humble backgrounds and face financial and other constraints themselves. Yet they have dedicated themselves to serving those who have been hit hard by Covid and / or made jobless due to the lockdown.

Girl volunteers from “Make The Future of Country” (MTFC), a volunteer organization that runs a school for underprivileged children, provide packages of cooked meals to families affected by Covid. These girls also take care of patients admitted to a Covid care center set up by Jan Sewa Sansthan, a local NGO.

Student volunteers at Gandhi School, another informal institution for the children of migrants and other workers, organize rations for affluent residents and distribute them to workers affected by the lockdown and others in need.

Volunteers from Abhinav Toly, a training center for children from the lower strata of society, distribute medicine, rations, sanitary napkins and masks, etc. slum dwellers and others in need.

“These children are a source of inspiration for everyone. The social activists who run these schools – MTFC’s Naresh Dhall, Gandhi School’s Naresh Kumar and Abhinav Toly’s Jagdeep Jugnu – also deserve praise for making their students sensitive human beings and responsible citizens, ”says Dr Parveen. Malhotra de Rohtak PGIMS, who has been supporting such initiatives.